All about Airlines Safety
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All about Airlines Safety

Air travel is generally considered the safest way to travel. However, accidents can still happen. That’s why it’s important to know what airline safety measures that airlines have in place to protect passengers.

Are Airplanes Safe?

Airplanes are a very safe way of traveling. Out of all the different ways we travel, taking a plane is the safest, and it even saves a lot of our time. People who work in the airplane industry always make sure airline safety is the most important thing as they prioritize passenger safety in a comprehensive manner. The goal is to make sure that every flight arrives and departs without any problems.

What Are the Safest Airlines?

According to Airline Ratings, the safest airlines in 2023 are:

  • Qantas Airlines: This is one of the safest airlines from Australia, which invests a lot of effort and finances in keeping safety as the top priority. With modern aircraft equipped with the latest technologies, they have all the airline safety features to prioritize it seriously. This airline has never recorded an incident of any fatal accident.
  • Saudi Airlines: Saudi Airlines has a long history of offering safe and comfortable rides across domestic and international destinations for decades. With heavy investments in airline safety compliances and the latest technology of aircraft, the pilots and crew have been trained rigorously to prioritize safety at first. They are also an active member of international aviation safety organizations like IATA and AACO.
  • Singapore Airlines: This airline gets the highest rating for safety as it has been awarded the status of World’s Safest Airlines by Forbes Magazine. Since, it majorly focuses on high standards of experience and safety for passengers, the airline has not experienced any major incident in its history of operations.

Criteria for Safety Standards as Per IATA

  • Flight operations: This includes safety standards for pilot training, maintenance methods of aircraft, and flight operations procedures or SOPs for airlines.
  • Aircraft design and manufacture: This plays a major role in averting air accidents, as design is considered the core aspect of ensuring aircraft safety in Serious incidents. The IATA lays down some international standards that aircraft manufacturers can follow.
  • Airport operations: This includes standards for airport safety, including the use of critical equipment and safety SOPs.
  • IOSA Standards: There are rules called IOSA standards to keep planes safe. These rules are in the IATA Safety Manuals and help make sure planes are safe to fly on.
  • Dangerous goods regulations: IATA also has rules for things that can be dangerous on planes. They work with governments and other aviation groups to make sure everyone follows the rules and guidelines.


While air travel is considered safe, there are still some airlines that have the worst airline safety. But it is important to note that accidents during air travel are not common, and the industry is always trying to make things safer. An organization called the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has an airline safety strategy to make air travel even better and many airlines are part of it to ensure passenger safety at first.

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